Why Eatella Chatbot?

Earn More

Don't miss order or refill opportunities

Let your guests order instantly without waiting for waiters attention

Save 15-20 minutes per table in average

Let your guests enjoy end-to-end contactless dining experience using their smartphones

Increase average check with upsell features

Provide recommendations for accompanying dishes from chatbot

Spare on staff and operational costs

You will need less people to serve the guests

Build Loyalty

80% of all ordering, payment and checkout services will be contactless by 2024, according to Gartner*

Stand out from competitors

Stay ahead of the trend, be one of the first to introduce the future of customer communications

Gain more control of your business

Get insights about most ordered/viewed dishes

Improve your service

  • Process honest feedback from guests received via chatbot
  • Speed up service for those who prefer contactless ordering
  • Free up time to pay more attention to those who order from waiter

restaurant barcode and qr code menu

How It Works

Spoiler: it's very simple ;)

Guests Scan QR Code

If they want

Chatbot Starts Conversation

In web browser

Guests Order From Chatbot

They can also call waiter and pay

What Eatella Chatbot Does

Guests Can:

See the menu

Receive personal recommendations

Place order or call waiter

Pay the bill and leave tips

Leave feedback

Restaurant Owners Can:

Keep the menu up-to-date

Suggest accompanying dishes

Customize all messages in their own style

Suggest to leave tips without being shy

Ask for feedback

Mobile Payment Solution

No Need for Guests to Wait for Check

They can pay with smartphone when ready

No Need for Payment Terminals

The money is directly in the bank.
Guests can download invoice from chatbot.

You Can Also Ask to Pay in Advance

This is especially useful for busy terraces

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How Conversational Experience
Boosts Guests Loyalty?

Most Eatella alternatives offer self-ordering as typical "online shopping" user experience.
We strongly believe that these solutions are not the best alternative to traditional ordering.
Nobody uses actual shopping cart to order food in restaurants.
Then why would guests expect shopping cart in digital version?
Our solution mimics real dialog between guest and waiter instead.
This fun and easy going process of ordering in natural human language keeps your guests happy and relaxed.

Happy Guests = Loyal Guests.

That's why we made fully customizable chatbot that simulates real conversational experience!

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«Foodstagram» App (optional)

Let your guests use our Eatella Mobile App
where they can share their food experiences!

Showcase Your Food With Real Photos

Let Your Guests Make Better Choices

Make Ordering Process Even More Fun

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Eatella Is More Than Just a Ordering Chatbot
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* Gartner Inc. is a global research and consultancy firm in the information technology sector (see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gartner)