With Eatella QR Menu You Can:

Make updates with one click

Without re-printing for every change

Upsell more items

Using automated smart recommendations

Speed up ordering

With our handy search and save functions

Notice refill requests faster

With our "call waiter" function

Receive honest feedback

Without being "too pushy"

Save money

By adding unlimited languages

Our Free QR Menu Is:

Really Free, Forever and Ever

This part of our service is free of charge.
Check out our paid services like QR ordering.

Easy to Implement

It takes just a few minutes to set everything up.

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Completely Optional

QR menu is not for everyone yet.
So you can still keep a few paper menus too.

Offer QR menu to those who like it.
Have more time to pay attention to those who don't.

It's a win-win for both.

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Check Out Some of The Beautiful Menus
of Our Beautiful Customers

You can stand out from places with clumsy PDF menus too

Eatella Is More Than Just a QR Menu
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